Self-Healing Journey

A guided emotional and physical self-healing, which produces results in the shortest possible time

1-2 hours


"If we can allow some space within our awareness and rest there, we can respect our troubling thoughts and emotions, allow them to come, and let them go. Our lives may be complicated on the outside, but we remain simple, easy, and open on the inside." 
- Tsoknyi Rinpoche 

We live in strange and confusing times. As a society we have more affluence than ever, yet so many of us experience an emptiness and longing, or dissatisfaction, or meaninglessness and we are looking for new and innovative answers to life’s problems. Many feel stuck in their lives, and feel as if they’re held back from achieving their full potential.
Some try to finally resolve relationship or family issues that have impacted their lives, to address health and well-being issues, or to resolve issues with fears or low self-esteem. Many are trying to find a way to finally clear depression, which is so common today.
Whatever your personal life challenges, The Healing Journey session can help you become healthier, happier, more fulfilled, more connected with yourself and others, and free to live life as you choose.

Through a deeply meditative process, guided in positive awareness you will be able to:

  • Clear out unhealthy cell memories
  • Leave your past behind
  • Connect with your true inner self
  • Heal from emotional or physical issues
  • Rewrite your destiny from a brand new sense of liberation and inner peace

Tao Mystic Bodywork                                   

From healing tradition originated in Ancient China 

2 hours

“Tao Mystic Bodywork in its pure form harmonizes body, mind, emotions and soul, and offers a sensitive, healing and sublime experience.”
— Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita

Tao Mystic Bodywork was taught to concubines of ancient Chinese nobility. In the meditative space between "traditional" massage and therapy, Tantra bodywork offers you an opportunity to stop the day to day patterns, listen to your inner stillness, and observe the subtle movement of energy and sensations that cannot be expressed in words. Developed in the ancient Mystic Tao Tantric tradition, the bodywork offered is designed to bring full presence to your emotional needs, creating a safe and attentive space for you to explore your inner peace and expansion through a unique sequence of conscious touch. 
Tao Tantra Bodywork session  is a full body experience suitable for beginners or more experienced receivers. It is designed to increase your sensual vitality by helping you awaken and refine your awareness to the more subtle sensations and energetic flow. It includes a unique and very structured sequence created by Tao mystics centuries ago in which the touch harmonizes and moves the energy throughout your body to balance it in major organs and meridians, chakras and between yin and yang qualities. It increases your capacity to process your emotions and contain your energy for every day life.
This dance of touch with full presence of the giver as an empty vessel of the universal flow includes precise movements, pauses and breaks in which your body receives an opportunity to start healing itself in a meditative and therapeutic setting.

are all prone to cycles affecting our body whether it is hormonally, emotionally, geographically, mentally, or spiritually. These shifts can create challenging symptoms such as low self confidence, fatigue, changes in health and appearance, and mental un-wellness. Each session will offer a loving tune-up for every goddess in every physical body with focus on different topics.

Other Healing Options

1 hour

Introductory  Sessions:

  • Chakra/organs balancing and deep healing
  • Deep relaxation, healing trance journey 
  • Karmic imprints reprogramming
Marina Chertkov

Healing Modalities Offered

Kashmiri Shiva-Shakti Bodywork

A combination of a sensual touch and meditation ritual originated from Northern India tradition of Shaivism

2 hours

Balancing polarities and releasing karmic imprints 

Kashmiri bodywork is an intuitive and fluent form of harmonizing opposite types of energy in your body: between masculine and feminine, innocent child and sexually mature adult. The surface of your whole body is touched in long strokes with loving care and attention, activating different types of energy and spreading and equalizing it throughout the whole being. You will feel like a baby lying on your mother’s lap, being tenderly caressed by her. A variation of feelings like deep relaxation, joy, gratitude, excitement and being moved to tears may come up; a full surrender may shift you into a deep, trance-like state; or a tearful release of emotions, tied to past experiences; or the lack of it… Every feeling and experience is welcome.
This is a conscious embodied spiritual practice, in which you are invited to re-align your present awareness and heal past wounds.

The session ends with a special treatment helping to liberate a person’s soul program from negative karmic imprints.